My spouse recently passed away, leaving myself and two children. The money in our joint account is running low and I am told I cannot draw funds from my spouses' savings account without a Grant of Representation. What is this and where do I get one?

You will need to make a formal application to the Probate Registry to obtain a Grant of Representation to deal with the assets in your spouse’s estate.

As the surviving spouse you will be entitled to act as the Personal Representative. The Probate Registry will require information on the assets and liabilities that form your spouse’s estate. You will also have to complete an Inland Revenue estate form and swear an oath, all of which is then submitted to the Probate Registry.

It can be a complex process and you are bound by your duties as a Personal Representative to complete the paperwork correctly. The process can be frustratingly slow and time consuming and therefore you should contact our Wills and Estate Planning Department to assist you at this time.