Despite constant assurances of payment, one of my clients hasn't paid for the services my company sold to them. How can I make sure they pay up?

It doesn’t sound as if the client is planning to pay their debt at all. We would advise that you instruct us to send them a letter demanding that they pay within 7 days or otherwise we will proceed with a Statutory Demand or issue Court Proceedings against them.

If they don’t pay then, as long as the debt is for over £750 and is not disputed by your client, a quick way to try to resolve the matter would be to proceed with a Statutory Demand against them. This tells them that if they fail to pay within 21 days we will start proceedings to wind them up or make them bankrupt. This often encourages the debtor to pay quickly. For more details contact the Debt Recovery Department.

Alternatively you can start a County Court claim against them and pursue them through the courts in this way. If your claim is successful then you will get a Judgment against them setting out how much they owe you. Often companies pay the debt to get rid of the Judgment from their records otherwise you can use the Judgment to enforce the debt against them. Again please contact us for further details.