My partner and I are planning to move in together for the first time. We are not married, yet we plan to get a mortgage together. Is it possible to draw up some form of legal contract between us?

Buying your first home together is a very exciting time and there is much to look forward to.

The process however is actually quite complex and for the unwary there are a lot of traps that could lead to extra costs in the future. You are therefore quite right in thinking about a contract to protect each of you. There are many considerations that need to be brought to bear on the situation and having specialised in property buying and selling for nearly 25 years and with 20 or more lawyers doing nothing else but this kind of work we at Franklins are very well placed to give you all the advice and assistance you could need.

Having seen it “all before” we can guide you along the right paths. To save the misery and cost of future disputes it is definitely worth investing in the right advice now and we can help you right away so please call or email us now.