After watching shows on TV I've decided that it might be a good idea to get into property development. How can Franklins Solicitors help me?

The TV shows can make it look so easy, although good TV is also made from the disasters!

At Franklins we have a vast amount of experience in helping property buyers whether as first time buyers or as seasoned investors. We have specialised in property buying and selling for nearly 25 years and we have 20 or more lawyers doing nothing else but this kind of work.

Property development starts with buying the property but also involves planning and building regulation issues and negotiation over rights to benefit the property either with the local authority or other neighbouring land owners. And then once the building work is done there is the need to create the correct legal title for the property to be sold easily, particularly if a conversion into flats is contemplated.

Often a lot of the problems that can crop up later in a development can be resolved by correct and timely negotiation at the time of the acquisition of the property. So it is definitely worth investing in the right advice and we can help you right away so please call or email us now.