I'm hoping to sell shares in a company that I invested in over twenty years ago so that I might provide for my retirement. Can you help me?

A decision to sell your shareholding in a Company, whether this be by way of a transfer to an existing shareholder, a third party or back to the Company involves numerous considerations such as ascertaining what the provision of the Company’s Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association state, whether there is a Shareholder’s Agreement in place governing matters such as who you are able to sell your shares to, the process for doing so and whether there is a formal procedure for ascertaining the valuation of the shares that you are proposing to sell.

When selling shares in a Company direct liaison with your Accountant is imperative to advice on tax liabilities and inland revenue clearance. We recognize that departing with your shares, whether you have a minority or majority shareholding is an important and fundamental decision to make and one we can help you with regardless of the structure and form of the transaction or identity of the purchaser.